Our approach to business strategy embraces the multiple viewpoints inherent to a complete and comprehensive assessment of an organization. By focusing equally on an organization’s people and its culture, its processes, the technologies used and its environment, the strategies that are arrived at have a much greater likelihood of success.


We help organizations conceptualize operations by developing processes that are more effective and efficient. A primary area of focus is in the development of Concepts of Operations (CONOPS). We find and implement technologies that help automate tasks and provide information for better decision-making.


We believe that any business strategy must include an organizational component that addresses the needs of its people. We take the perspectives of the individual and of the overall organization to address the issues and challenges in creating a strategy. We offer services that examine the formal and informal organizational structures and prepare for change.


The built environment should enhance the operational performance of an organization and the design needs to be guided by the organization’s goals. We provide services that build a design brief to link the design of the space with the organization’s mission. We focus on the areas of workplace design and user experience.


We provide services to guide projects from concept through implementation.
As advisors, we oversee the various components of a project including change management initiatives, business process development, technology implementation and facility design and construction.


Business Strategy
Business Continuity Planning
Emergency Preparedness
Disaster Recovery
Crisis Management Planning
Concept Of Operations Development
Process Improvement
Technology Assessment
Organizational Assessment
Portfolio Assessment
Space Management System Planning
Facility Programming
Facility Assessment
Project Management

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