About Us


Claris Strategy, a California S Corporation, was founded in 2012 by William Lim.  The name Claris comes from a play on the word “clarity”, the philosophical foundation on which the firm is founded. When Claris Strategy was started, our intent was to begin a consulting practice that brings clarity (the “aha” moment) to our clients, a creativity drawn from design strategy that marries both right brain and left brain ideas, and a simplicity in the concept that can be clearly conveyed and implemented.


Strong Experiences Shape Our Philosophy

The philosophical underpinnings of Claris Strategy were formed from William’s many years of experience wearing many different hats. During his seventeen year career at Gensler, the exceptional design firm, his positions included airport designer, the firm’s applied technology leader, an intrapreneur starting two businesses, and a leader in the firm’s consulting practice. Also included was helping birth a dotcom, KIKO, as its director of customer experience. A key lesson learned from these experiences is that the human element plays an essential role in success and failure. Bringing real change to organizations means getting people to agree to change and then giving them a plan to carry out.


What We Strive For

At Claris Strategy, we develop that plan by embracing both qualitative and quantitative information from the outset. This greatly increases the odds for success. We strive for a human-centered approach, keeping in mind multiple perspectives when forming a solution and developing a road map to follow for the people in the organization.

What Makes Us Unique

We not only bring in best practices, we often arrive at original ideas from analyzing the information we collect.

We choose to work closely with our clients. We believe that by including as many perspectives as possible, a solution gets stronger.

Our brains work both on the left side and the right side. We look at an issue in multiple ways to arrive at a solution.

We are top-notch professionals with deep and broad experiences in multiple industries and environments.

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